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The end of the VLM Airbuses

SHS Aviation, the holding above VLM Airlines is selling of the activities at Brussels Airport, also known as VLM Airlines Brussels. Nearly a year ago SHS Aviation bought the remains of Thomas Cook Arlines (personnel and 2 Airbus A320) and was planning to fly charters or lease the aircraft.
It is now announced that these activities have been sold to a Dutch investor. It is also stated that nothing will change for the personnel, but it is not yet clear whether the name VLM Airlines Brussels will be used in the new setup.
This will have no effect on the VLM Airlines activities at Antwerp airport and in Slovenia.
Great start of the year

In January, Brussels Airport received 1.6 million passengers, an all-time record for the month of January. Strong growth was recorded particularly in the transfer segment, which demonstrates the importance of Brussels Airport’s hub function within Star Alliance. Cargo transport was 2.7% up on January 2017. The decrease in the full-freighter segment is compensated by an increase in trucked cargo, belly cargo, and integrator cargo.
Final curtain for Brussels Airlines?

The future of Brussels Airlines is threatened as next Monday Lufthansa will most probably decide to replace BA's CEO Bernard Gustin. Also in the pipeline is the fact they want to merge Brussels Airlines with their low-cost company Eurowings. This would mean that the Brussels Airlines brand would disappear and that the future of the Brussels Airlines staff becomes most uncertain, resulting most porbably in the loss of a lot of jobs.
Years after the Sabena debacle by Swiss, our country now again faces a similar situation now created by the Germans. In French they say : "l'histoire se répète". Have our politicians learned nothing?
1st Boeing 737 MAX

Today TUIFly saw the arrival of their newest aircraft and first Boeing B737MAX. By the end of 2018 the TUI fleet will count 9 aircraft of this type. The new model has a reduction of 14% of CO2 and 40% of noice reduction.

(photograph Eric Nuyens)
Arthur White deceased

We just got the news that former owner and CEO of VLM airlines, Arthur White, has died.
The funeral was today at his hometown Namur.
Looking for new colleagues

TUI fly, Belgium's second largest airline, will expand its number of destinations and frequencies in 2018. Five brandnew aircraft will also be added to the fleet, making a total of 33 aircraft.
In order to be able to have a succesful expansion, TUI fly is now looking for extra staff: 160 cabin crew, 64 pilots and 23 engineers.
More info on vacancies

Additional MDDH MD.900 heli for the Federal Police

The Belgian Federal Police will add an additional MDDH MD.900 NOTAR helicopter to the fleet. This airframe will be their seventh heli . this aircraft comes from Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen (NHV) where it flies as OO-NHI. It operated for some time on a medevac contract in France.
After conversion to its new law enforcement role it will normally become G-17.

First Belgian Air Force C.130 retired
Last week the first Lockheed C.130H Hercules – CH08 – was retired from active service. The aircraft was ferried from Melsbroek to Beauvechain AFB. It is not clear what will happen with this airframe.
The Air Force still awaits the delivery of the first Airbus A.400 that will replace the aging C.130H transport aircraft. We recently heard a rumour that the first of these aircraft will only arrive somewhere in 2020 !

(photograph Georges Van Belleghem)

New record for Brussels Airport

Just before Christmas the airport welcomed the 24 millionthpassenger of 2017. Never before have so many passengers flown to and from Brussels Airport.
Moreover, Brussels Airport made every effort to create a suitably festive atmosphere throughout the airport. Other than the traditional Christmas trees, lights and other Christmas decorations, the gigantic bauble in the outdoor area in front of the departure hall is a real eye-catcher. This bauble, with a diameter of 6 metres, is actually a big globe which refers to the many destinations passengers can travel to from Brussels Airport. Before entering the departure hall, passengers can stop for a typical Belgian beers at the Christmas Chalet on the temporary Winter Terrace. In the baggage reclaim hall, arriving passengers can make their wait for their luggage more pleasant by playing their favourite Christmas carols through the loudspeakers of a jukebox. Passengers can also listen to Christmas piano concerts in the Connector building, which are sometimes accompanied by a choir.

Sonaca 200 to be assembled at Temploux aerodrome !

Yesterday, Sonaca Aircraft and Aerodrome de Namur signed an agreement that will result in the final assembly of the Sonaca 200 light aircraft at this airport.
As a result of this contract a new hangar will appear and a hard runway will be constructed at this airport. This new runway will be a little bit shorter than the actual runway and will reduce the noise because aircraft will be able to climb faster after take-off. A parallel grass runway will remain in service.
If everything goes as planned the construction of the new facility will start in May 2018.
Sonaca plans to deliver about 20 aircraft during 2018. These airframes will be assembled at their Charleroi facility. Today they have more than 30 firm orders, even before obtaining final certification.

Early Christmas present

Today, 20 children from Antwerp received a free flight to and visit of Legoland in the UK. VLM Arirlines offered the flight to Farnborough on one of their Fokker 50's and Legoland gave them free entry. This was all done with the cooperation of Antwerp Airport management and Antwerp Fly Shop.
Growth continues through November

Last month over 1.8 million passengers travelled via Brussels Airport. This is an increase of 5.1% compared to the same month last year. This is mainly due to the continuing growth of passengers with Brussels Airlines, but also due to the new services by Emirates, Hainan and Delta.
Cargo transport in November recorded a 9.4% growth on November 2016.

New Groningen to Brussels service

Estonian carrier Nordica will start a service from Groningen/Eelde Airport in Friesland (Holland) to Brussels using Bombardier CRJ aircraft.
This service will start on 26 March 2018 and will be flown daily, six days per week.

New destinations for Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines is expanding its destinations in Croatia: as from May 12th, the cities of Zadar and Split will also be serviced.
Renewed contract for Swissport

Brussels Airlines has renewed its handling contract with Swissport for a period of 3 years. This contract is good for 60% of the total volume handled by Swissport at Brussels Airport and crusial for the company's future
Additional Wizz Air service at Charleroi

Wizz Air will start a new service  from June 2018 betwene Charleroi and Sibiu in Romania.Sibiu is a city in Transylvania, a popular destination for tourists. This service will be offered twice weekly.

Join the Fairchild C.119 project

‘De Vrienden van het Lucht- en ruimtevaartmuseum vzw’ runs an appeal to reopen the interior of the Fairchild C.119 Flying Boxcar for visitors.
The aircraft, preserved in the ‘Hall de l’Air’ of what is now called the ‘War Heritage Institute (WHI)’ is actually closed for the public for security and preservation reasons.
The project, put forward with support of the WHI, consists of the creation of a corridor for visitors and a defined area with photographic exhibits and object recalling operations undertaken by the C.119 Flying Boxcar. The budget for this project is 27.600 euros. The group launched an appeal for donations with the objective to open the aircraft at the end of 2018.
The appeal runs in cooperation with the Koning Boudewijnstichting and donations over 40 Euros are tax-deductable. Donations can be done via bankaccount BE10 0000 0000 0404 of the Koning Boudewijnstichting with structured communication 128/2982/00054

VLM 10x weekly to Zurich

As from January 22nd, 2018, VLM Will fly twice daily between Antwerp and Zurich on weekdays. Tickets are available from now on, starting at 99eur (single fare).
Departures Antwerp 7h15 and 17h35. Return Zurich 9h25 and 20h00. Flighttime 1h40

RAAC becomes 90 years young !!
The Royal Antwerp Aviation club celebrates its 90th birthday this year. The RAAC modeling section exists for 65 years.
Today, Sunday 19/11/17, the RAAC members were invited by the Antwerp City counsel in the Felixpakhuis to commemorate this very special birthday.
We would like to congratulate the R.A.A.C. and its members and wish them many more happy flights

Stampe SV.4-RS also certified in Belgium

On 16th November 2017 Ultralight Concept Gmbh received confirmation that their ultralight Stampe SV.4 aircraft is certified by the Belgian C.A.A.
This means that this aircraft is now allowed to fly under the Belgian Ultralight-rules with Belgian marks !!

Spotters places at Brussels Airport

Licences for the construction of the spotters places at Steenokkerzeel and Zaventem (Vliegbos) have been granted. Construction will start as soon as possible and should/could be finished by April 2018.
Passenger growth for Brussels Airlines

During October Brussels Airlines saw an increase of 15,1% of passengers. In total 865.673 people flew on a Brussels Airlines flight. This also means an increase of 3,9% on passenger capacity per flight.
Ultralight Stampe SV.4-RS certified in France !

Ultralight Concept, the Belgian company that developed the ultralight Stampe SV.4-RS received a type Certificate for their new ultralight from de French DGAC. This is a major step forward for the company and their aircraft.
Certification in Belgium and Germany is expected in the very near future !
Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium ceased operations

Last Friday, 27/10/2017 Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium ceased all operations as announced several months ago. Most flights will be flown by Brussels Airlines that will also add some Airbus A.320’s to its fleet. Two other Airbus A.320 aircraft are acquired by SHS Aviation, the company controlling VLM Airlines.
VLM Antwerp-London back in business

Today at 11:55 the new Antwerp-London service by VLM was inaugurated. Fokker 50 OO-VLI was got a  fitting tribute by the airport's firebrigade when it left for its first trip to London City. VLM is again operating the service under its own name, after 8 years of abscence.
Meanwhile we hear that  the company has bought two of the ex-Thomas Cook Airbuses and is planning services to Chinese destinations out of Brussels airport.
New destinations for TUI

In the new 2018 Summer Schedule, TUI announces fligths from Antwerp to Florence starting 18/6/2018.
The Brussels hub of the company is adding two destination : Aruba and Curaçao.
19/10/2017 Brussels Airlines opens up the Peloponnesos
Starting April 20th 2018, Brussels Airlines will offer weekly flight to Kalamata in Greece.
Ten new destinations for Brussels Airlines
Brussels Airlines keeps on growing. During the winterseason 10 new destinations will be added to the network and capacity on certain routes will grow due to the use of larger airplanes.
VLM to reopen the Antwerp-London line

After a break of more than 9 years, VLM Ailrines (now owned by SHS Antwerp Aviation) has announced that it will re-open the Antwerp-London City service. Earlier CityJet, which now operates the route, announced that as per 27/10 they will stop the service.
VLM will start operating on 30/10. The company will use its Slovenian AOC, as the Belgian one is still not given by the Belgian CAA. Tickets can now be booked.
A scheduled service between Antwerp and Zurich is also in the pipeline.
First firm orders for the Sonaca 200
Now that the Sonaca 200 prototype, OO-NEW, is flying, Sonaca started converting order options into firm orders. The first to do so is Belgian Flight School (B.F.S.)
André Muller, pilot with B.F.S. declared : ‘The OO-NEW seems to be the exact copy of the OO-SON. But actually, numerous structural modifications make it different from its twin.
The field of vision is simply awesome. Nothing to do with the limited vision of some high-wing aircraft. A major asset in terms of safety. On ground, taxiing is east. During flight, the aircraft is pleasant to fly, with smooth controls, reactive and direct responsive in all axes.
All in all, the Sonaca 200 appears very promising and ideal as a training aircraft.’

New : Brussels-Hongkong

Cathay Pacific continues to grow Hong Kong’s connections to the world. From Summer 2018, the airline will launch pioneering non-stop routes linking Hong Kong with Brussels, Dublin and Copenhagen, further strengthening the airline’s network and providing new trade and tourism opportunities between Asia and Europe.

40th Sanicole Airshow

The Aeroclub Sanciole organises their 40th international Airshow. The evening airshow will take place on Friday 8th September. The main event on Sunday 10th September. This year several military demo teams will be flying over Sanicole.
Top of the bill will be the Saudi Hawks demoteam. Also the Frecci Tricolori will be present as well as aircraft from the Finnish and the Greek Air Force.

New owner for Namur airfield

The airfield of Namur/Temploux which was created by the American Army in 1944 and has been a civil airfield ever since 1947, was privatised in 1983 when bought by the Bertrand family.
They recently sold the company that exploits the airfield to Olivier de Spoelbergh (who also owns part of the INBEV group).

Brussels South Airport keeps growing

During the first six months of 2017, Charleroi/Brussels South Airport handled almost 3.6 milj. passengers. That is a 3% rise compared to last year when the airport was very busy after the closure of Brussels Airport due to the terrorist attack.
The number of passengers traveling via Brussels South grew thanks to two new airlines (Air Corsica and Belavia) and an additional TUIFly aircraft based at the airport.

Record number of passengers at Brussels Airport
During the first six months of 2017 Brussels Airport handled 11.5 milj. passengers. This is a new record !
This result is 6,3 % higher than during the first part of 2015. Last year’s numbers are not used due to the terrorist attacks from March 2016. The number of transfert passengers rose with 18,8 %.
During June 2017 2,22 milj. passengers used Brussels airport. This also is a new record !

Emirates launches second daily flight between Brussel and Dubai
As of 29 October, the airline Emirates is set to run a second daily flight between Brussels Airport and Dubai International Airport. Flights to Dubai are enjoying rising success, which prompted the airline to increase its capacity in Brussels. The first Emirates flight from Brussels to Dubai will be departing at 3.05 pm, with the second flight scheduled for take-off at 8.15 pm.

Foreign permit aircraft allowed to operate in Belgium.
After issuing a full CofA to the Belgian registered Stampe SV.4’s in November last year, the Belgian C.A.A. took another important decision which gives more freedom to the Belgian General Aviation scene. As from 1st July foreign registered amateur built aircraft as well as certain historic aircraft (less than 5.700 kg) registered in a ECAC-member state (ECAC = European Civil Aviation Conference) no longer require a permit to fly in Belgian airspace for 30 days per year.
This decision recognizes the quality, safety and capability of national permit aircraft within the General aviation community. As well as allowing such aircraft to cross Belgium territory it will encourage visits specifically to Belgium. We are looking forward to see more foreign aircraft visiting our airfields.
This new rule is a result of the close cooperation between the Belgian CAA, EFLEVA (European Federation of Light, Experimental & Vintage Aircraft) and VVMV (Vereniging Vlaamse MotorVliegclubs)

Good results for Brussels Airlines
During May 2017 more than 830.000 passengers flew on a Brussels Airlines aircraft. That is 18,9% more than in the same month last year. At that moment the company was still recovering from the terrorist attack at Brussels Airport. But, according to Brussels Airlines, this is not the only factor that explains this strong growth. The successful commercial strategy results in more passengers.
The new route to Mumbai (India) is also doing ‘very well’ as well as the cargo-activities.
31/05/2017 SHS takes over remaining part of Thomas Cook Belgium
SHS Aviation has reached an agreement to take over all remaining shares of Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium (TCAB). The company will also employ the remaining staff (40) and hopes to be able to use the AOC and Operating Licence of TCAB. SHS Aviation will operate under the VLM Airlines brand.
Earlier this month VLM Airlines started operating charter flight under the newly acquired Slovenian AOC.

FlyingGroup received Diamond Safety of Flight Award

During the recent EBACE17 convention at Geneve Flying Group received a

Diamond Safety of Flight Award from the European Business Aviation  Association (EBAA). This accolade is awarded to operators that surpass 100.000 hours of flying without any accident.

Currently FlyingGroup operates and maintains 43 aircraft world-wide.

"After having received the EBAA Gold Safety of Flight Award in 2014 we are very proud to now having been awarded with the EBAA Diamond Safety of Flight Award." says Bernard Van Milders, President & Founder of FLYINGGROUP. "This is currently the highest safety recognition awarded by EBAA and we are one of the first companies to receive it "

Easyjet Brussels Team honored
The Brussels Team of lowcost carrier Easyjet did a great job during 2016. They received the Spirit of Easyjet 2015 award and are honored on the nose of Airbus A.319 – HB-JYJ – that was recently noted at Geneva Airport.

Pegasus Airlines to fly to Ankara

The Turkish company Pegasus has announced that they will start flying once a week between Brussels South Charleroi and Ankara on a direct flight.At present they fly into Istanbul .

Brussels airport increase in fright volume

In February 2017, Brussels Airport welcomed over 1.5 million passengers, which is a decrease of 0.4% on February 2016, owing to the leap day. Without the leap day effect, the number of passengers would have shown an increase of 3%. Cargo transport at Brussels Airport rose by 7.7% compared with the same month last year, due to the strong growth in the full freighter segment.

4th special livery for Brussels Airlines

Ever since 2012 Brussels Airlines has a special relation with Tomorrowland. To mark this 5 year relationship, Brussels Airlines created Amare, the 4th Airbus in special livery.
(photo Brussels Airlines)
We wish Brussels Airlines a Happy 15th Birthday.
Brussels Airlinews was created in 2002 in the aftermath of the Sabena bankcrupty in 2001.
Over the last 15 years, nearly 79 million passengers used the Belgian airline: 70 million within Europe, 8 million on the African services and 1 million on the transatlantic routes.
Vizion Air signs agreement with SprintAir

Antwerp based Vizion Air has signed an agreement with the Polish company SprintAir for cooperation. This agreement stipulates that SprintAir will reserve two of its aircraft (ATR72 and Saab340) for use by Vizion Air.
The ATR72 is to be based at Liège, whilst the Saab 340 will have Bergamo as homebase.
The agreement starts on Ferbuary 1st, 2017.
SSJ-100 for Brussels Airlines
Brussels Airlines is to wet-lease three Sukhoi SSJ-100 Superjets to replace its Avro RJ100's on services where smaller aircraft than the Airbus 320's are needed. The aircraft will be leased from CityJet.
All time high for Antwerp Airport

During 2016, more than 276.000 passengers passed through Antwerp Airport. This is an all time high. Last time we had over 270.000 passengers was back in 2001.
All this means that there was an increase of 24% in passengers. Some 20.000 passengers flew via Antwerp in the aftermath of the Brussels attacks. The loss of VLM flights and charters played a negative part in the story.
New scheduled service

Today VLM launched its new Antwerp-München-Maribor service. At the moment there only is a morning flight. On March 26th, at the start of the summerseason, the service will be extended with an evening flight. This brings the total destinations out of Antwerp to three. Later in the season Birmingham and Manchester will also be added to the network.

(Copyright Eric Nuyens)
Brussels Airlines future threatened

Next Monday Brussels Airlines CEO Bernard Gustin is called to frankfurt, newspapers and social media mention that this will be to end his contract.
Bernard Gustin, whose turnaround of Brussels Airlines has been lauded internationally, and Lufthansa did not have the same views for several weeks. The Belgian boss wanted to maintain his successful “hybrid” model, while the Germans intend to integrate the European network of Brussels Airlines into their low
cost subsidiary Eurowings while keeping the African flights operated by Brussels Airlines.
By signing this PETITION you let Lufthansa know that you strongly disagree with their decision.

Sistership agreement

Today 30th of January, Airports of Thailand and Liege Airport signed a Sistership Agreement between Liege Airport and Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi airport.
This Sistership Agreement between both airports, major cargo players in Asia and Europe, is a pledge to exchange expertise and knowhow, with focus on cargo development. The signing ceremony took place at Asia Air Cargo Summit, where the international cargo community is gathering.
The Sistership Agreement is a first step towards a close cooperation between all the airports to develop cargo flows. A special focus is given to the development of perishable facilities and processes, to seamlessly connect the Asean and the European market in both directions.

Official opening of Zurich link

VLM Airlines started today with its second destination out of Antwerp: Zurich. The flight was officially opened by the mayor of Antwerp Bart De Wever, in the company of the CEO's of Antwerp Airport and SHS Aviation/FlyVLM.
Next destinations that will be added to the network are Birmingham, Munchen and Maribor.
(photograph Dirk Buytaert)
New destinations for antwerp Airport

Starting February 12th, VLM Airlines will add three new destinations to its network. Birmingham, Maribor and München will be served 5 times a week (1 flight per day).
The flight to Maribor is an extension of the München service.
Tickets will be available from January 10th on at 59 eur/single trip.
Construction of spottersplaces to begin

The construction of the new spotterplaces at Brussels airport will begin on January 8th. Weather permitting the works should end by the beginning of April.
This means that the now popular spots at the Vliegbos and near the transit center will be hard to reach between January and April, making spotting at Brussels airport a difficult job. However the result will be great. So a little patience is at order.
New investments at Liège Airport

Liège Airport will be investing 50 millions in the cargo section. Four new parking lots for large aircraft will be created and some 20.000m² of additional cargo space will be created. Liège is expection a record breaking 2017 with over 700.000 Tonnes of goods passing through.

VLM Airlines honors founder Freddy Van Gaever
A few hours after the funeral of VLM founder and aviation entrepreneur Freddy Van Gaever on 23th December, VLM Fokker 50 – OO-VLS – was noted with a new name on its nose at Antwerp Airport. This aircraft will fly, named Freddy van Gaever, as a tribute to their founder.

(photograph Bob Rongé)

Air Belgium to operate from Charleroi

Air Belgium has selected Brussels South Charleroi Airport as its base and willstart operating in March 2019. The board of Charleroi Airport still has to give green light for the operation.

Sonaca 200 on track towards certification

Sonaca is in the final test stage that must result in the certification of their Sonaca 200 light aircraft. The static and fatigue analysis is finished using a computing platform developed by Sonaca itself. The prototype aircraft, OO-NEW, was used for the test-program. The final phase (spin tests) will begin very soon. Delivery of the first production aircraft is still scheduled for the beginning of 2018.

Freddy Van Gaever died at the age of 79

A well known figure in the Belgian aviation scene, Freddy Van Gaever, has died at the age of 79. Freddy Van Gaever was the driving force behind Delta Air Transport and EAT and founder of Frevag, VG Airlines and VLM Airlines.
In later years he was also parlementarian and senator.
Blue Skies Freddy...
(photo Coll. ASA/Dirk Buytaert)
Passenger growth for Brussels Airlines
During November, Brussels Airlines saw its passengers grow with 94862 units or 15,6% more than compared with November 2016.

New book about Jaap van Mesdag
Jaap van Mesdag, or Jaap Mesdag as he was called by most people, was very well known in the Belgian aviation scene. He was founder of the ‘Early Birds’, a Dutch group that restored and preserved several old-timer aircraft at Lelystad Airport. He visited most of the Belgian old-timer events with one or more aircraft for several years. Jaap was also involved in the maintenance and operation of the WW-I aircraft of the Stampe and Vertongen Museum at Antwerp Airport.
Jaap died in October 2015, he was 93 years old.
Now, the Netherlands Dachau Comité, published a book describing the life of Jaap. The book contains 152 pages and more than 130 photos. Benefits go to the Early Birds group.
More info on :

New CEO for VLM Airlines

SHS Aviation announces that Harm Prins will leave the company and that Karl Rickard will take over as CEO. It is also announced that Christian Heinzmann will join the board of SHS Aviation.


Two NH.90 helicopters will deploy to Mali
Starting in February 2018, The Belgian Air Force will support a UN mission in Mali.
Two NH.90 helicopters will operate in this African country together with four Luftwaffe helicopters. These machines are already operational there at this moment.
About 50 Belgian military personnel will support this mission.

Belgian pilot jailed in the U.K.
65 year old, former Belgian Army helicopter pilot, Rudi S. was jailed in the UK recently. He seems to be involved in a drug running case. He is accused of dropping three plastic containers containing drugs from a light aircraft over a field in Kent last year. In 1994 the Robinson he was flying was hijacked in an attempt to free a prisoner from a Dutch jail. We understand he was now flying a fixed wing aircraft !

Asco Industries awarded contract to manufacture the Flaperon Spar for the F-35 Lightning II

Fokker Technologies, a business of GKN Aerospace, awarded a contract to Asco Industries for the supply of Flaperon Spars for the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II program. 
Asco will perform the manufacturing and integrated surface treatments on the spars at their corporate facility in Zaventem, Belgium.  The F-35’s Flaperon Spars are highly complex titanium machined components, which form the core of the flap located at the trailing edge of the wing.
The spars will be delivered to Fokker in the Netherlands who performs the assembly in composite material and delivers the complete flap to Lockheed Martin in Fort Worth, USA.
VLM received its Belgian AOC

Today, VLM Airlines received its long awaited Belgian AOC not only for the new Airbus A320's but also for its Fokker 50's. At present it is unknown why it took so long to issue this AOC.
The Airbus's will be used for charter, ACMI and private flights. The first two flights have already been performed last week.
The Fokker 50 will be also be used for Charter, ACMI and private flights besides the scheduled services AnR-LCY
We wish VLM lots of success in the future.

(photograph : Yannick Van Praag)
Liège airport new investments

In order to accompany the strong growth of its freight clients, Liege Airport is going into turbo with its investments, devoting over 20 million euros for new warehouses and handling facilities.
For more than 12 months, cargo activity at Liege Airport has been undergoing major structural growth. The companies on the site have opened new routes, integrated new aircraft and intensified their activities.
Since June, Air China Cargo, the largest Chinese cargo company, has been running a weekly flight between Shanghai and Liege and it will increase its rotations in 2018. Moreover, in early October, Air Bridge Cargo decided to establish its main hub at Liege Airport.

Farewell Avro RJ.100

Brussels Airlines is ready to return the very last Avro RJ.100 to the owner. Yesterday 29.10.17 the very last aircraft OO-DWD made some ‘farewell-flights’ from Brussels. Flight ‘B-line1187’ made a pass over Antwerp Airport. The withdrawal of this type means the end of an era for Brussels Airlines and its predecessor Delta Air Transport.

Brussels Airport… the cheapest Dutch Airport
Brussels airport is preparing the reception of Dutch travelers escaping the ‘vliegtax’ that will be introduced by the national government starting in 2021.
Schiphol airport is reaching its operational limits. They even asked some cargo-airlines to leave. Brussels Airport can still grow and offers itself as an easy to reach and cheap alternative to Schiphol. The airport management hopes to attract travelers from Southern Holland.
In order to win more visibility in Holland, Brussels Airport became sponsor of the Dutch Willem II footballteam.
New connection for Antwerp airport

It has now been confirmed that Flybe will re-open its Antwerp-Southend service at the end of March 2018. The company will offer 4 flights per week on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
Passengers will have the possibility to take connecting flights to Glasgow, Dublin and Manchester at Southend.
Emirates to Brussels

Emirates announced that it will also transfer its freight flights from Schiphol to Brussels airport.

Cargo Airlines leave Schiphol for Belgian airports
Schiphol Airport reduced the access for some cargo-airlines. 37 weekly cargo-flights have to disappear in order to allow more passenger traffic. As a result Singapore Airlines announced that it will move all cargo-flights back to Brussels Airport from early November. Russian freight carrier AirBridgeCargo will move three weekly flights to Liège/Bierset Airport. In the future this airline may move up to 12 weekly flights from Amsterdam/Schiphol to this Belgian airport.

BAFA chooses ALSIM simulator

ALSIM is pleased to announce the sale of an ALX (SEP/MEP/MJ) to BAFA (Ben Air Flight Academy). The new simulator will be equipped with LPV/PBN. Alsim bought back 2 simulators from the competition and replaced them with the ALX.

BAFA chose the ALSIM simulator because they appreciated the flight models and flexible changes between the different aircraft configurations. The technologies in the aviation sector are continuously improving and the ALX offers the best opportunity to provide for up to date avionics, advanced training possibilities and is the best match to the existing aircraft fleet.

Swissport and the unions take an engagement towards a better social climate.
During the last year the workers of handling company Swissport went on strike several times. This resulted in very angry passengers and airlines. It also created a very negative view towards Brussels Airport.
Today Swissport and the unions announced that they will start a project that will result in actions that will be positive for both the company and its workforce.  Together they will analyse the different reasons that resulted in strikes and they  implement, in close partnership, new solutions in order to avoid future actions.
As a result not only Swissport and its employees but also Brussels Airport and its passengers will benefit from this cooperation.

Spotters welcome at Brussels Airport

Permission has been granted to built spotters areas around Brussels Airport. Work will commence in the autumn of 2017 and should be ready at the end of the year or early 2018.

Jacques ‘Red’ Dewaelheyns passed away
Last Monday, 3 July 2017, kolonel BEM e.r. Jacques ‘Red’ Dewaelheyns passed away after a long illness. He was the first leader of the Red Devils, the Belgian Air Force aerobatic team. Initially the team flew on Hawker Hunter. After six years they changed to the Fouga Magister (1965 till 1977). Afterwards ‘Red’ Dewaelheyns was involved in several civil aviation projects including the Piper-dealership via NEAS in de late seventies – early eighties.

Brussels Airport invests heavily in new technology for hold baggage screening
Brussels Airport has launched the first phase of works to implement new technology for hold baggage screening. By the 1st of September 2022, every airport in the European Union must screen hold baggage according to Baggage Screening Standard 3. That is why Brussels Airport is investing 100 million Euros in the purchase of new screening devices and the construction of a new hall and infrastructure.

Sonaca 200 prototype makes first flight

On Monday 19.06.17 the prototype of the Sonaca 200 – OO-NEW – made its first flight from Charleroi Airport. This single engine two-seat aircraft is assembled by Sonaca. The flight test campaign will take four months. It starts in Belgium but will be pursued at Avignon in southern France. This must result in obtaining the EASA certification for this new Belgian designed aircraft.

Hainan Airlines starts Brussels to Shanghai service

Hainan Airlines will start a Brussels to Shanghai service from 25 Oktober 2017. They will operate this service three times per week (Monday, Wedsnesday and Friday) using Boeing 878-9 aircraft.
Shanghai will be the second destination that can be reached from Brussels. Hainan Airlines flies from Beijing to Brussels since 2006.

Cargo airlines starting to leave Brussels

Yangtze River Express left Brussels in february, Air Cargo Global has announced that it is stopping all their activities at Brussels due to the noise restrictions and applied fines.
Magma Aviation has also indicated the same intentions if the sitaution is not clarrified in the coming weeks.
August Van Laer deceased

We just received the news that our member August Van Laer has died unexpectedly on Thursday 16/02/2017 at the age of 69.
We offer his family and friends our condolences. Blue skies mate.
Buurtkrant 2e editie
Het tweede nummer van de Antwerpse "Luchthavenbuurt Krant" is van de persen gerold en wordt momenteel door onze vrijwillegers verdeeld in  de buurt rodom de luchthaven. Diegenen die buiten de verdeling vallen kunnen hier hun exemplaar downloaden.

Decrease in passengers, increase in freight

Brussels Airport handled 21.8 million passengers in 2016, down 7 % on record year 2015. The decrease is completely due to the attacks on the airport on 22 March; the airport was closed for 12 days and then only gradually resumed its operations. Cargo traffic at Brussels Airport rose by 1.1% compared to 2015, despite the impact of the attacks.

Free drop-off zone
Since mid-December, Brussels Airport has opened a new, free drop-off zone. The zone is exclusively intended for quickly dropping off passengers leaving on a trip. Parking is not possible and drivers may not leave their vehicles. People wanting to accompany passengers to the departure hall or who come to pick up passengers, can make use of P1, P2 and P3, where, with the Brussels Airport Pcard+, the first half hour is free-of-charge.

The drop-off zone is on the same level as the bus station and in walking distance of the terminal. To get there drivers should simply follow the "Drop-off" signage. For the comfort of the passengers, a covered walkway leads from the drop-off zone to the terminal.















Nieuw Stampe & Vertongen boek verschijnt op

15 oktober 2016























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