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17th Antwerp Stampe Fly In - 19 & 20/05/2007

This year, it all started on Friday 18th.

We were up and about at 9 o'clock. Although rain was promised, it stayed dry all day, except for a small shower in the afternoon.

Besides preparing for the event we had a little walk around with our newly restored baby : O-BOBE.

Look and enjoy....

   Friday, May 18th

After a lazy start (although we - the ground crew - started at 7...) the weather was fine and the participants and visitors started to come in.

Willy and Rina - who as always - did a great job as the temporary 'navigation' office and made a clear list of all the aircraft we got on our apron.

Topper was the B25 that made a much appreciated display. Most persistent  pilot was Sven Eric Pira who flew his Ercoupe all the way from Sweden in a 13 hr trip. He came to Antwerp for the 1st Ercoupe Fly In organised by Robert Rombouts owner of the Ercoupe OO-PUS which had its 60 anniversary this year.

  Saturday, May 19th

We all got up after a very short night. Most of us only got to bed by midnight and were present again by 8am.

The weather looked great and quite. We got som visitors from Zoersel where the Chipmunk Flu In was based. The Spit gave a performance before going back to Duxford and the Stampe formation flight counted 13 participants ( by Tim Cuypers and Frank De Meyer). By 2 pm the sky got a bit gray. In the end it started raining and we had to stop the pleasure flights as early as 2.30pm.  The flying was over by then, but the public found the way to the museum where our guides had more than their hands full with explaining and answering questions.

In name of Antwerp Stampe Center and the Aviation Society of Antwerp, I want to thank all those that came to help us during these 3 days. It was a lot of work, but it was well worth it. We did not have anyone complaing and all participating crews and pilots were very pleased with the smooth reception and perfect organisation.

A special word of thanks also from Robert Rombouts who organised the 1st Ercoupe Fly In and who relied upon us for logistics.

  Sunday, May 20th




Antwerp Airport

Box 3

2100 Deurne








17th FLY IN



Photographs : Dirk Buytaert, Walter Van Brempt, Carl Gootzen, Frank De Meyer, Alex Evertse, Frans Truyens and Tim Cuypers


 Friday, May 19th

18/05/2007 : The finishing touch 'Ecole d'Aviation Anvers'

18/05/2007 : O-BOBE on his first outing

18/05/2007 : the spottersplatform mounted

18/05/2007 : view from our spotters platform

18/05/2007 : Bob instructing Rina...

... the result of which. The group that worked and the Fokker.

18/05/2007 : it took us some pulling...

...and pushing...

... some manoeuvring...

...but we got it right.

Where's the time gone...

High big fella, I'm a Fokker too, you know...

18/05/2007 : Herr Rittmeister Karl von Dobbelaere mit seinen neuen Fokker.

18/05/2007 : waiting for work

18/05/2007 : and having a rest, enjoying the view

18/05/2007 : Putting up the banners

18/05/2007 : re-organising the museum for the big weekend

18/05/2007 : Our first visitors, mr. and mrs. White

18/05/2007 : hey guys, guess who's coming...

18/05/2007 : The Spit making a low pass at 15.25

18/05/2007 : The Spit in his new livery

18/05/2007 : the job done, time for a beer now.

17th Antwerp Stampe Fly In - 1st Ercoupe Fly In - Participants and visitors on Saturday, May 19th, 2007
Reg'n Pilot Crew Aircraft type ETA From ETD To Remarks
OO-GWA     SV4         Static display
OO-GWC     SV4         Static display
OO-SVB     SV4         Static display
OO-KAT Frank De Meyer   SV4         Static display
OO-BPL     SV4         Static display
G-AIYC     SV4         Static display
OO-PAM     SV4         Static display
OO-MON Bedert   SV4 13h20 EBZR     Static display
OO-PAX     SV4         Static display
G-CCCA John Romain 1 Spitfire T9   EGSU     Arrived 18/05
G-FBWH Tony Short 2 Piper PA28 17h00 EGCL     Arrived 18/05
PH-EBF     Fokker DR1         Static display
OO-PUS     Ercoupe         Static display
N9991M Cuypers Tim 1 Pitts         Static display
D-EHOP Cuypers Raymond 1 Bolkow 207         Static display
OO-77 Breugelmans 1 Chris Heinz 200 11h40 EBZR      
D-EOPI Nobmann 2 Ercoupe 11h50 EDDW      
N158FJ     Piper cub 11h55        
N9516V Oomen Vincent 1 Mooney M10         Static display
G-ARHB Turner / Peacock 2 Ercoupe 12h40 EGSR      
G-CDRU Cunniff 2 Bücker Jungmann 12h40   17h50    
SE-BFX Sven Eric Pira 1 Ercoupe 13h00 EHGG      
OO-EOT     Tipsy Trainer         Static display
D-EMUH Bonnier 1 Bolkow Junior 13h15 LFAI      
OO-OPS Blasi   Stearman 13h17 EBAW     Local flight
OO-SPM Kenis 2 SV4 13h20 EBZR      
OO-VMW     Extra 200         Static display
D-KCIL Meys   Piccolo 14h15 EDLG      
N4121A Schuermans   Piper Lance 14h20 EBZH      
PH-MLM Van Leersum 2 AT6 14h15 EHGR      
N320SQ De Veer / Cuypers 8 B25 Mitchell 14h20 EHGR 17h20 EHGR  
PH-GRH Veldhuyzen 4 C172 14h45 EHGR      
N383DK De Jong 2 SV4 14h55 EBWN      
D-EBUT Altendeitering 2 SV4 14h56 EDWN      
D-EODN Dowengerds 2 SV4 14h57 EDWN      
N9945C Brouwer 2 Luscombe 15h10 EHSE      
PH-KHV Pfundt 6 Beech 18 15h15 EHGR      
PH-LSK Ruijgrok 2 AT6 15h16 EHGR      
PH-IIB Van Diemen 2 AT6 15h17 EHGR      
G-AVIL Hulks   AIRcoupe 15h30 EGKH      
D-EIHD Oberbach   SV4 15h25 EDKA      
D-EHMM Fahr   Great Lakes 15h25 EDKA      
SP-YCS Sanders 2 Büker Jungmann 15h25 EDKA      
OO-DAT Deck Franky 3 Piper PA28 15h30 EBUL      
OO-VCU De Smet Luc 2 Piper PA28 15h30 EBUL      
OO-EBU De Craene Manu 2 Piper PA28 15h30 EBUL      
OO-VTS Sysmans 3 C172 16h00 EBZR 17h30 EBZR  
NC18028 Mc Connell 2 Beech Staggerw. 16h40 EGHP      

  Saturday, May 19th, 2007

19/05/2007 : early morning

19/05/2007 : emptying the shed

19/05/2007 : Cornelia who assisted the guys at the gate in the most charming way.

19/05/2007 : a lot of people were interested in the glider and the VZA society.

19/05/2007 : Karel Bos and Hans Van Egmont posing with the nearly completed Fokker D.VII

19/05/2007 : (wo)manning the bar

19/05/2007 : sight from the other side of the airport

19/05/2007 : joy riding a Stampe, always a pleasure

19/05/2007 : here we go again...

19/05/2007 : a bit large for a Stampe, ain't it?

19/05/2007 : touch and go

19/05/2007 : a formation of 3

19/05/2007 : the Mitchell during its much appreciated fly by

19/05/2007 : the spotters corner....

19/05/2007 : ...and the public

19/05/2007 : the ASA sales stand

19/05/207 : BLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL, I saw it first...

19/05/2007 : The Dutch pilots

19/05/2007 : folding a paperplane is a serious business...

19/05/2007 : will this be a lucky throw?

19/05/2007 : arrival of the Staggerwing, one of the most beautiful bi-planes around.

19/05/2007 : one of the Harvards that accompanied the B.25 Mitchell.

19/05/2007 : no, this is not an audition for the Royal Ballet of Flanders...

19/05/2007 : just Bob doing his job with a lot of flair and parking each plane on the right spot.

19/05/2007 : the late hours...

19/05/2007 : all lined up for tomorrow

17th Antwerp Stampe Fly In - Participants and visitors on Sunday, May 20th, 2007
Reg'n         Pilot         crew    Aircraft type ETA From  ETD To            Remarks
OO-MMD Bedert   SV4 09h57 EBZR      
OO-SPM Kenis   SV4 09h58 EBZR      
G-BCPU Waller Miller Chipmunck 10h30 EBZR 12h35 EBZR  
G-BWVZ Campion Pearce Chipmunck 10h30 EBZR 12h35 EBZR  
G-AOJR Marien Caubergs Chipmunck 10h30 EBZR 12h35 EBZR  
G-BWTG Beidenweiler   Chipmunck 10h33 EBZR     Low pass - did not land
OO-IAK Legrand Van Hulten Yak 18 10h36 EBZR 12h50 Rijsel  
OO-VMH Kempenaers Stollenwerk Focke Wulf P149 10h37 EBZR      
OO-UFO Provez / De Turck 4 Stinson 108/3 10h50 EBGG      
OO-ROR Van Cauteren 2 SV4 11h00 EBGB 12h35 EBZR  
G-CCCA John Romain 1 Spitfire T9   EBAW 11h05 EGSU Air display
OO-PVI Van Israel 1 Pitts S2B 11h00 EBGG      
D-EOPI Nobmann   Ercoupe 11h25 EBAW 11h45 EDDW  
SE-BFX Sven Eric Pira 1 Ercoupe   EBAW 11h46 EHGG ?  
N9117K Maatman 3 S108-2 11h45 EHTE 13h15 EBZR  
G-CDRU Cunniff 2 Bücker Jungmann     12h15       ?  
OO-VMH Van Hullen Reyers Focke Wulf P149     12h45 EBZR  
G-DHCC De Bruyn 2 Chipmunck 13h00 EBZR      
OO-GWC Danny Cabooter   SV4   EBAW 11h40 EBAW Formation flight
OO-GWB          ?   SV4   EBAW 11h40 EBAW Formation flight
OO-GWA          ?   SV4   EBAW 11h40 EBAW Formation flight
OO-SVB          ?   SV4   EBAW 11h40 EBAW Aborted take off
OO-PAX          ?   SV4   EBAW 11h40 EBAW Formation flight
OO-KAT  Frank De Meyer   SV4   EBAW 11h40 EBAW Formation flight
OO-MON          ?   SV4   EBAW 11h40 EBAW Formation flight
G-AIYG          ?   SV4   EBAW 11h40 EBAW Formation flight
OO-MMD          ?   SV4   EBAW 11h40 EBAW Formation flight
D-EHMM Fahr  ?   Great Lakes   EBAW 11h40 EBAW Formation flight
D-EIHD Oberbach ?   SV4   EBAW 11h40 EBAW Formation flight
D-EBUT Altendeitering  ?    SV4   EBAW 11h40 EBAW Formation flight
N383DK De Jong  ?   SV4   EBAW 11h40 EBAW Formation flight
D-EODN Dowengerds ?   SV4   EBAW 11h40 EBAW Formation flight
OO-SPM Kenis ?   SV4   EBAW 11h40 EBAW Formation flight
D-EMUH Bonnier 1 Bolkow Junior   EBAW 13h15 LFAI  
G-DHCC De Bruyn 2 Chipmunck   EBAW 13h45 EGZR  
OO-PUS             ?   Ercoupe   EBAW 13h40        ?  
NC18028 Mc Connell 2 Beech Staggerw.   EBAW 14h00 EGHP  
OO-UFO De Turck / Provez 4 Stinson 108/3   EBAW 14h10 EBGG  
D-EHMM Fahr   Great Lakes   EBAW 14h15 EDKA  
D-EIHD Oberbach   SV4   EBAW 14h15 EDKA  
SP-YCS Sanders   Bücker Jungmann   EBAW 14h15 EDKA  
OO-PVI Van Israel   Pitts S2B   EBAW 14h15 EBGG  
G-OPNH Mangelschots Willem Rongé Glasair 15h20 Hullmington 15h45 EBKH  

  Sunday, May 20th, 2007

20/05/2007 : Arrival of a Piaggio and a Yak

20/05/2007 : The Chipmunks from the Fly In at Zoersel coming in for a drink

20/05/2007 : One of the Aircoupes that came to join us on this 1st Ercoupe Fly In

20/05/2007 : a nive looking Stinson joined the show on Sunday

20/05/2007 : the crowd, but why is that chap in the middle looking to the other side? (could be a trainspotter)

20/05/2007 : The airport commander on the balkony, overlooking the activities

20/07/2007 : some of the Ercoupes had nice paintings

20/05/2007 : While others...

...are just pigs in the sky.

20/05/2007 : The Spit displaying just before returning to the UK

20/05/2007 : Walter and his pasison for cones...

20/05/2007 : I said, put that thing down...

20/05/2007 : preparing for the formation flight

20/05/2007 : Danny Cabooter taking the lead in this mass display of Stampes

20/05/2007 : Staring the line-up

20/05/2007 : Our German friends falling in right behind the leader

20/05/2007 : Here they are...

20/05/2007 : All's save and supervised...

20/05/2007 : the fly in from another angle

20/05/2007 : Raymond Cuypers taking off in the OO-BPL

20/05/2007 : Quite a show by the Pitts Special... the beginning of the end. After this, it started raining and we had to close down.

20/05/2007 : the cleaning up...

20/05/2007 : one of us having a last pleasure flight

20/05/2007 : the aftermath...

20/05/2007 : we've all had it..

20/05/2007 : Willy and Rina who did a good job in keeping the logbook of the visitors and receiving them in a professional way.

20/05/2007 : Right guys, all to bed now, have sweet dreams and let's start the preparing of the 18th edition in a couple of months.

  Sunday's Stampe formation flight over Antwerp and the Airport

The line up

Raymond at the controls

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